A little quote about mindfulness

Count to Ten


I love this quote, reminding us to take time think before we react when we are hurting or angry.  As parents, this is especially important.

”If we can hold our anger, our sorrow, and our fear with the energy of mindfulness, we will be able to recognize the roots of our suffering. We will be able to recognize the suffering in the people we love as well. Mindfulness helps us to not be angry at our loved ones, because when we are mindful, we understand that our loved ones are suffering as well.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Take time for yourself!

Me and my son after a half-marathon

I love being a mom!    There are so many days I leave work and I just can’t wait to see my little man run up to me with his toothy little grin.  However, I have to admit that I also love to have a little time to myself. I think working moms may often feel like they are sacrificing so much time with their child to work, that it is selfish to want *more* time away from them.  But the truth is, if your life is like mine, that time at work is not really “me time”, and it’s important for us all to get a little “me time”.

Lately for me, I have been spending a lot of time running.  I had never really been a very active person growing up and in college, but it was in graduate school that I learned that I actually really love to excercise.  My last year of graduate school I started running with a dear friend, and ran my first half-marathon.  I always wanted to run more but life kind of got in the way.

Now, this weekend, 16 months after having my son, I am hitting the road for my first FULL marathon!  I can hardly believe it, but I have really valued having the time to invest in my health, and I believe I am a better mom because of it.  My son and I often go running “together” (he in the jogging srtoller) and I hope that I am instilling in him a love of activity and a love of the outdoors.  Self-Care, especially exercise, is one of the key parts of parenting.  I hope you all will take some time to enjoy the nice fall weather and invest in yourselves!

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How to Respond to Your Child’s Crying

Toddler Crying
Someone is upset 🙁

Crying is known across cultures as a normal response to anything that upsets us emotionally. While listening to an upset child cry is never easy, figuring out how to help the child regain control is usually the answer.

Crying (also known as weeping, bawling, or sobbing) is defined as the act of shedding tears in reaction to something that elicits a strong negative emotional state such as sadness, frustration, and even anger.

Children typically cry in response to something negative happening in their environment and this response is based on real emotions and therefore should always be taken seriously. Dealing with crying can be a difficult part of our job as parents.

We all respond to crying a little differently. Some of us do not like it at all, especially when it is our child doing the crying as seen in this video: I don’t like crying I can’t stand it, especially when it’s more or less a whinny cry.

Others of us know crying is a means of communication and can often be a stress reliever. Still others simply ignore the crying and engage with the upset individual again once the crying stops.

As a parent of a crying infant or child, our job is to help our little one regain control of their emotions. Sometimes they need to be held until they have cried it all out. Other times a redirection (helping the child turn their attention to something else) helps them get back in control of their emotions.

The most important thing in helping our little ones manage their emotions is for us to remain calm and try not to get upset with them. By providing comfort in a time of need and remaining in control of our own emotions we teach our children to be caring and empathetic members of society who will pass this on to their own children one day.


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How do you respond to your child when he or she cries?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.