Take time for yourself!

Me and my son after a half-marathon

I love being a mom!    There are so many days I leave work and I just can’t wait to see my little man run up to me with his toothy little grin.  However, I have to admit that I also love to have a little time to myself. I think working moms may often feel like they are sacrificing so much time with their child to work, that it is selfish to want *more* time away from them.  But the truth is, if your life is like mine, that time at work is not really “me time”, and it’s important for us all to get a little “me time”.

Lately for me, I have been spending a lot of time running.  I had never really been a very active person growing up and in college, but it was in graduate school that I learned that I actually really love to excercise.  My last year of graduate school I started running with a dear friend, and ran my first half-marathon.  I always wanted to run more but life kind of got in the way.

Now, this weekend, 16 months after having my son, I am hitting the road for my first FULL marathon!  I can hardly believe it, but I have really valued having the time to invest in my health, and I believe I am a better mom because of it.  My son and I often go running “together” (he in the jogging srtoller) and I hope that I am instilling in him a love of activity and a love of the outdoors.  Self-Care, especially exercise, is one of the key parts of parenting.  I hope you all will take some time to enjoy the nice fall weather and invest in yourselves!

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